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An old enemy and an old remedy!

My recent sowings of small fast salad  greens have failed to appear. At last I've found the culprits! Hordes of tiny black slugs which spend the days underground come to the surface and graze while it's dark. Goodbye seedlings!I slaughtered scores of them by torchlight last Friday night!
                  This afternoon I sowed brassicas- in pots- for early summer use-or perhaps earlier.
Cabbage:-Hispi, Spring Hero and Winter Jewel
There's more choice for calabrese: I use Aquiles, Kabuki and Marathon.
                      I'll sow some more quick leaves directly into slug-free ground:- pak choi, rocket, kailaan, radish, spinach and mizuna will add to lettuce in mid-winter
                       All the diseased tomato plants -victims of September's fungal onslaught- have been removed. Three plants remain, clean and green.They gave me a prolific crop of large tasty eating tomatoes. Crimson Crush is the variety.