Autumn 2017

               Tomato disaster at Cae'r Delyn! A fast-growing mould has attacked leaves,stems and then fruits. Within two weeks most of my plants have had to be removed, with about  1 in six surving - and healthy  - for now ! Only once before - about 10 years ago have I seen this disease.
               Where I have cleared the ground- and in every vacant space - I am watering thoroughly.I
shall now sow some small leafy crops for winter use. Lettuce (4 kinds) pak choi, tatsoi, spinach (annual and perpetual) and chard, also mustard, rocket , cress---and radish will all germinate quickly. Use the warmth in the soil and this year's late ration of sunlight to give interesting, fresh, green eating and will wait in the ground for months.
               Dare to think of next year and sow a few calabrese seed - with March and April in mind. Some cabbage varieties - Hispi, Spring Hero and Winter Jewel - can reward, next spring, a September or October sowing.

Tomato taste!
Standard size: Vanessa - excellent
Huge: Fantasio - very tasty
Cooking: San Marzano - very good
Godd 'cherry' toms: Sweet olive, Bejbino, Shipsaint
Our favourite 'cherries': Bottondoro (gold) and Sweet million


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